a sustainable start for your little sprout! 

Babytheek Gent is an initiative within the circular economy that enables the sustainable use of quality baby time. Families can borrow the materials they need in an affordable and ecological way. This is advantageous for the climate and for the wallet. Less needs to be purchased, produced and transported. You also save space and you can easily test products.  

How does it work?

Become a member in just a few steps ...

  1. Feel free to create a profile on our website.
  2. Make an appointment to sign the membership agreement and pay your membership fee.
  3. Choose your items from our online catalog.
  4. Take your Babytheek items home with you, or make an appointment to pick them up later.
  5. Please remember that equipment must be in a clean condition to avoid fines.
  6. You may reserve new items in advance and take them with you at the same time.

Please note: many large items such as buggies, carseats, beds, parks, bicycle seats and changing tables are not stored on-site, please allow 5 days from reserving the item and picking it up so that we have time to retrieve it from our storage space.

Babytheek Gent is an initiative of Gentse Spruiten vzw in collaboration with De Transformisten and with the support of Samen on Zet / City of Ghent.


An annual membership costs 25€. With a reduced-rate Uitpas, families can become members for only 5€.

Gentse Spruiten believes it is important that everyone can become a member. Families who do not have a reduced-rate Uitpas may suggest an affordable amount. No one will be turned away.

Clean and Timely Return

All items must be returned in a clean, washed or washed-down condition.

We kindly ask that you use fragrance-free detergent and no fabric softener.

It is also important to return items on time

Summer 2023


Wow, we are really looking forward to this summer! Like every year, it's a lot of puzzling between availability of our site in the Brugse Poort and duly earned vacations for volunteer team but please know that we love you all and we really do our best to be available as much as possible!

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