On October 7 we are organizing a children's clothing swap - a great opportunity to pass on clothes in good condition to others and pick up "new" items for your child(ren)!

There are a few steps to this event:

  1. Bring in the items you want to trade (it is possible we will schedule appointments for this). We check each piece together to ensure that it is in good shape, without stains, all buttons are present and the zippers work. You will be given points for items which are accepted. You may choose to donate any additional items if you wish to.
  2. On Saturday, 7 October you are welcome to come "shop" using your points between 1pm and 5pm.
  3. You may also sign up for sizes you want to trade in the future - both receiving and giving away as we hope to create a network of families per size to facilitate personal contact and trades!

You can also go shoping in the Gentse Spruiten 2nd hand shop 🧤🧣🧢 👒 think toys, blankets, stuffed animals, shoes, tights, hats & scarves, etc. ... payment with cash or payconiq.