About us

Gentse Spruiten brings families together

Gentse Spruiten began in January 2016 as a Facebook group of families based in Ghent. In 3 years our membership has grown from 85 to no less than 1000 members.
We organise weekly coffee and playdates with parents and their children, as well as monthly activities and parties. Through Gentse Spruiten, it is possible for moms and dads to meet and to ask questions and discuss concerns they may have as parents. We also have several sub-groups including a Marketplace to buy and sell, and to promote local businesses and child-friendly initiatives.

Gentse Spruiten is making the world a little smaller.

Gentse Spruiten reaches a very diverse group of families: single parents, underprivileged families, foreign students, Belgian families, migrants and expats. We welcome new families to Ghent and embrace the cultural diversity of our city.

Through Gentse Spruiten parents can engage in new relationships in a relaxed and safe environment.