Play & Coffee Dates + Babytheek Gent 

Dampoort - De Kring

The newest Ghent Sprouts & Baby Tea Ghent location near Dampoort is open! We are so happy that we can now offer play and accessible meeting opportunities for young families in yet another Ghent neighborhood.

Come enjoy our indoor play area for babies and toddlers. Siblings are welcome provided they adapt their play to the smaller children. Coffee, tea and water are always available. A free contribution for coffee, tea and snacks is always welcome, but not required.

Please keep a few simple rules in mind during our meeting times

  • All parenting styles are respected without judgement
  • No shoes are worn on the play mats and carpets
  • All food and drinks are consumed at the table (including bottles or a sip of water)

Our hours may also vary during school vacations , we encourage everyone to check our calendar

As a volunteer organization, we sometimes have to close at the last minute due to illness or agenda conflicts. If you register in advance, we will send a text message to prevent you from standing in front of a closed gate.

Babytheek Gent - Spelotheek + in Dampoort is currently open Saturday mornings by appointment only. We hope to expand these hours as soon as possible and are looking for volunteers to make this possible. 

Make an appointment via this link to pick up a reservation in Dampoort.

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