Easter Egg Hunt + Brunch

a collaboration of Gentse Spruiten vzw & Sportaround vzw

April 10th 2023, the Egg Hunt begins at 10am, the brunch follows immediately after.

⬇︎  Registration is required ⬇︎


For the egg hunt:

  • For children ages 2-10 years old
  • Please wear sturdy shoes/rubber boots regardless of the weather
  • Bring raincoats in case of bad weather - the hunt will take place rain or shine (brunch depends on the weather).
  • After the scavenger hunt, each child may turn in their plastic eggs for a fun surprise. While supplies last, there is a choice between chocolate and candy or a cool surprise bag (which has nothing to do with food)


For brunch:

  • Plates and cutlery for your family (think about our planet and bring plates from your kitchen, no disposables).
  • Please bring a sweet or savory dish to accompany the brunch buffet.
  • Coffee, tea, apple juice and water are provided 
  • Children who participated in the Egg Hunt and whose parents have purchased tickets for the Brunch may also join in.
  • For children over 10 years, please purchase an adult ticket.

* Standard rate 5€, Social rate 3€, Uitpas chance rate 1€ per person.