Summer 2023


Wow, we are really looking forward to this summer! Like every year, it's a lot of puzzling between availability of our site in the Brugse Poort and duly earned vacations for volunteer team but please know that we love you all and we really do our best to be available as much as possible!

Concretely, the Gentse Spruiten Neighbourhood Location in the Brugse Poort is not available as much which definitely has an impact on the opening hours of Babytheek Gent and our playdates there.

But ... we mitigate this as much as we can by offering a varied agenda. We have planned so many wonderful playdates and we will allow the return of Babytheek items in other places.

We are available at least 4 times each week, sometimes even 6 times!!!


New for summer 2023

  • Duplos & Waterways POP-UP Playground on 4 Mondays
  • Playground 't Verband every Wednesday & Thursday
  • Community BBQ's at Playground 't Verband
  • Sunday terraces on 3 Sundays at the Brugse Poort Neighbourhood location

Like last year, we are setting up the Gentse Spruiten Neighborhood Location Brugse Poort for 3 weeks for an extended summer party! Water games, fun parent-child activities and more.

Read more about our POP-UP Playground and Playground 't Verband here.

We also grant our amazing volunteer team some extra summertime with their families and sometimes really work with the leanest team possible - if you would like to come and support us we would love to hear from you!

Check our calendar for changes and additions!!!


Do you only need to return something? This is allowed at our POP-UP Playground or at Playground 't Verband. You don't have to make an appointment but please send a Whatsapp to 0456 14 92 83 to keep us in the loop.

Appointments to pick up small items at Playground 't Verband are also possible on Wednesdays (between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.). This is only possible if your reservation is very clear and an appointment is set before 6pm on Sunday.